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chris ryall
United States
I make comics and books at IDW Publishing
...I read a lot of comics.

Which isn't so different now, although now I have things like an actual woman in my life, and a kid, and a job making comic books. So I draw less but seem to like many of the same people I did then.

It's pretty apparent from the images I posted here who I was big into at the time (others, like Art Adams and George Perez were also huge favorites, but every time I tried doing a drawing in their style, I remember it ending with me shouting "fuck!" at the loudest possible decibel that wouldn't bring my parents running.

Everything was cribbed back then -- I sat a comic next to me, grabbed a sheet of paper, and went to work emulating it best I could with a pencil, marker and felt-tip pens. No tracing of any kind. And lots of erasing.

Hell, even my signature was my attempt to be a big comic artist -- it's my nod to Bill Sienkiewicz's signature from his New Mutants run.

Maybe I should look into doing variant covers for some of IDW's books... or maybe not.

It was fun to revisit this time when comics, and life, were simpler. Although now it just reminds me how badly I want that damned Rom, Spaceknight license...

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